Terms & Conditions


  • All pets must be vaccinated with annual boosters
  • Dogs must also have an up to date Kennel Cough vaccination against Bordatella Bronchiseptica
  • Cats must also have an up to date Feline Leukemia Virus vaccination
  • Rabbits must be vaccinated against Viral Hemorrhagic Disease and Myxamatosis.
  • On arrival clients must produce an up to date vaccination card for each pet, without this we cannot accept any pet for boarding.

Ongoing Issues:- 

  • Any current ongoing problems with a pet’s health or temperament must be notified to us at the time of booking.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any pet that we consider to be of an unreliable temperament, or otherwise unsuitable for boarding.
  • The client must warrant that to the best of his/her knowledge their pet is in good health and not suffering from or carrying any infectious or contagious disease and has not been in contact with any disease within the last 30 days from the date boarded.
  • In the event of a boarding animal becoming ill, we will endeavour to visit your own vet wherever possible, if this is not possible, we will use our vet.
  • If treatment or surgery is recommended every effort will be made to contact the client or their chosen emergency contact on the telephone numbers given at the time of booking to obtain his or her consent, however if contact cannot be made, the client agrees to accept the decision of the vet and ourselves as to the best course of action to be taken at that time.
  • The client will be responsible for all vets’ fees & medication.


  • The full boarding fee is payable for each day the animal is boarded with us.
  • Due to overwhelming demand for our services we can no longer offer / have a half day charge. You will be charged fully for the day of delivery and the day of collection. This enables us to have enough time to turnaround each kennel and cattery for the next occupant. Thank you for your understanding.
  • The right is reserved to charge full boarding fee for the entire period booked if an animal is collected prior to the date arranged or arrives later than the date arranged.
  • A minimum of 10 days’ notice for non-arrivals is required. If this required notice is not fulfilled a full booking fee may still be charged.
  • The right is also reserved to re-home any animal not collected within 14 days of the date arranged for collection if no communication from the owner or guardian is received.


  • Whilst every possible attention is given to each pet boarded with us, it is done so entirely at the owner’s risk. If pets are sharing accommodation, at the owners’ request, but we feel in the best interests of the animals that they should be separated then the owner will be liable for the cost of the extra accommodation.

PLEASE NOTE: We are closed for both arrivals and departures on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.