This is not a problem. Please let us know so that we can allocate your dog a kennel well away from uncastrated males

Normally we let them play/exercise in the paddocks off leash, but we can lead walk if your dog needs it.

Yes – generally they are. However, some dogs like to be left alone or do not get along with other dogs. We are VERY careful when we choose which dogs to mix with others and when they will be mixed. If you don’t want your dog to mix with others just inform us of this.

Yes – we give dogs treats while they are exercising/playing in paddocks, however we do ask that you bring toys with your dogs. If your dog has any food allergies you can bring in his/her own treats.

YES – ABSOLUTELY any breed.

Yes. We advise this. If dogs live together, we like them to stay together.

We do ask that you bring toys for your dog. We ask you to bring your own dogs food with instructions on how much to give. We have plenty of bedding so it is not necessary to bring your dogs own, however if you would like them to have their own then you are more than welcome to bring it with them. We also ask that you bring your pets up to date vaccination card as proof of vaccinations.

No, there is no discount for bringing your dogs own food.

We ask that all dogs have an up to date annual booster against Canine Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Canine Parvovirus. In addition, we ask that all dogs have an up to date kennel cough vaccination and have had all vaccinations at least 4 weeks prior to their stay with us.


We think our catteries are the biggest in the area and every cattery has its own outdoor run.

Not generally, but up to the age of about 5 months should be O.K. Older than this is not possible because the Queens call and the Toms have a strong smell, both of which stress other cats in residence.

Certainly – We would groom daily if the cat’s coat is matt free. If the coat has become unmanageable, we can offer a full grooming service (fee payable of course)

Cats & Dogs

Yes – of course – even though we have beds some pets like their own and we do ask that you bring toys with your pets. If we don’t stock your pet’s exact food and treats you are welcome to bring your own.

After all vaccinations have been completed and 2 weeks to a month has elapsed since the final injection.

Yes – dogs can see the kennels opposite across a passageway but are not intimidated due to its generous width. And Yes – cats can see their neighbours through the Perspex on the runs and from some catteries across the passageway too.

Our main feeding times are at 8am and 4pm. However, we do often get pets in that need to be fed differently from this – we can feed any time between 8am and 8pm to suit the animal.

If a pet is currently taking medication, we will administer it as prescribed.

Should a pet become ill during their stay we will take them to YOUR vet (as he has your pet’s medical history) at your expense. N.B. If your pet has an ongoing medical problem which requires a vet visit whilst boarding, a nominal charge will be made for the visit. If out of hours we will use our own vet Norwood Vet Group. 

We cannot stock every food, but we stock the most popular tinned food, dry food and frozen tripe.

Small Animals

Yes, we ask that you bring all the necessary food your pet will need for their stay with us.

Yes – we do. Usually tortoises and other exotics like their own familiar surroundings, so if they have a vivarium it is better to bring it with them. If in doubt ring to discuss.

Summer months quarters are outside but under a roof and protected from inclement weather. Winter quarters are inside.

Yes – Weather permitting, we have outside pens where small animals are out on dry days.